You have the digitals, but what do you do with them?  You've already invested time and money into these beautiful images.  Don't be silly and not print!  

In today's digital world, one of the easiest things to shrug off is time.  "I'll do it later."  You have your digital images saved on your phone, on your hard drive, on any kind of screen you can think of.  But what happens when your computer crashes? Or your phone is lost?  "I'll do it later" becomes this heavy heartedness that now says, "I just lost some seriously great memories."  And what do we know about memories?  We know that they fade with time.  But printed memories... these last forever.

You guys.  We are living in a digital revolution.  While it's beneficial in most ways, I am confident we will be kicking our own asses years and years from now as this current generation grows up with nothing to show for it.  I cannot stress enough the value of a printed photograph.  A printed photograph is why photography was invented in the first place.  To remember something/someone in our lives that had significant meaning to us.  To remember a person that has shaped us, an event that had changed us.  And while these memories may not have all been pivotal ones, they all play a role in who we are today.  A printed photograph is what is passed down from generation to generation.  A printed photograph is what tells your story, your legacy, your life.  What can't do these things are digital files.  A digital file is an easy thing to share on social media.  But it's tentativeness, it's unreliability, .  And has little value to no value on a flash drive that sits in a desk drawer.  

Your online gallery includes a print shop where I offer museum quality heirloom prints and albums that withstand the test of time.    If you don't get these printed through me, promise me you'll get them printed.  But also promise me you won't take them to Walgreens or Walmart.  The difference between these labs and pro lab is unparalleled.  If I haven't showed you in person, take a peek below.   

You're half way there.  Your memories are captured.  Now make them tangible.