February 27th, 2017

We recently returned home from our annual trip to Arizona after visiting my retired-living-the-dream parents. And wow, guys... So many things I learned this time. Like how naive I was to think that traveling without my husband, and with two children (one under the age of one) would be just fine. No big deal. Just another day in my life raising boys. The only reason I barely survived was because my friend Miranda graciously came with. And there aren't enough margaritas in the world to repay her for the infinite amount of times she was forced to play "birds" with my son - or tag, or teach him about painting with watercolors. Turns out a vacation away from dad is not a vacation. Especially not for mom. Thankfully I was able to escape one evening while spending some time getting to know this super sweet couple, Logan and Riley. We watched the sun fall beneath the sky as the most gigantic, brightly lit moon took over. There's something about an Arizona sunset that makes you quickly forget about any kind of chaos you experienced earlier that day. It's something I'd never get sick of seeing. I'm so stoked to share this session with you guys.

Logan and Riley, thank you for letting me capture your love! You guys are such a beautiful couple, and the way your love shines through for one another is even more beautiful.  Is that possible?!

Also, Logan... your hair.  I'm obsessed.  <3 <3 <3